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The secret lives of house poor Canadians


Will banks allow emojis to replace PIN numbers?

Smiling sun, flames, guitar, penguin… that is just one combination of emojis that a person might use to log into their bank account instead of using a PIN number. UK technology firm Intelligent Environments announced the launch of “the world’s first emoji-only passcode,” because emojis are “mathematically more secure” than four-character PIN numbers as well as easier to remember.

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Amazon Reportedly Working On New Shipping Service That Turns Ordinary People Into Couriers

Looking to pick up a few dollars while making your way around town? Then Amazon’s latest attempt to quickly and cheaply deliver packages might be right up your alley, that is if the consumer-turned-courier program comes to fruition.

The Wall Street Journal, citing people close to the matter, reports that the online retailer is working on a mobile app that would essentially allow any regular ol’ Joe to multitask by delivering packages to customers while out-and-about.

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The Lights Go Out on Candlestick Park

San Francisco’s Candlestick Park is nearly gone. Only a few sections of the 55-year-old stadium remain standing as a months-long demolition is underway, making room for a new mall and housing units. Candlestick was designed to house the New York Giants who moved to San Francisco in 1958. It was America’s first modern stadium, built entirely of reinforced concrete, with seating for 43,500 and parking for 10,000.

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