Microsoft Working on Star Wars-Like Holographic Tech

Vermeer is a novel interactive 360° viewable display suitable for a tabletop form factor from Microsoft Research Cambridge. It provides viewpoint corrected stereoscopic 3D graphics to simultaneous users 360° around the display, without the need for eyewear or other user instrumentation. In contrast to other systems, Vermeer allows users for the first time, to reach into and directly touch 3D objects inside a display volume. It also enables simultaneous users 360° viewing of the 3D object. Inherently other 360° systems restrict interactions to outside the display volume behind a protective glass or plastic dome.

Men Shop Online, Women Shop At Malls

There are indeed those to whom shopping is a social activity and those to whom it is a chore best done quickly if it is to be done at all. The thing is, if we look at the stereotypes of our society (and do not dismiss stereotypes, they are based on a reality even if they do not describe reality in total) it’s largely women who enjoy the shopping as the social outlet and largely men who have to be dragged screaming and shouting around the mall.

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Do the Canine Mind Flip for a Great Day – Every Day

Looking for more satisfaction and joy in your life? Sometimes what you need isn’t a major life reinvention … it’s just a simple attitude change I first learned from man’s best friend.

I think dogs have a big advantage on us when it comes to happy. My neighbor has a big, white, fluffy dog named Sheeba that is dialed in to happy like no creature I have ever seen. Always tail-wagging and head-bobbing as if she is saying, “oh boy, oh boy, you’re coming to see me aren’t you, how cool is this?”

The Canine Mind Flip …

It is all about having an intention for your day. Rather than get up and let the first thing that happens to you determine your attitude — so if you stub your toe getting out of bed, you say to yourself, “Oh, this is gonna be a shitty day — instead …


Before you let your feet hit the floor in the morning …
(just like dogs do without trying)

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Man Tried To Take 247 Animals on Plane

A Czech national was nabbed in Argentina for trying to board a transatlantic flight with 247 live animals including poisonous snakes and endangered reptiles packed in a bulging suitcase, reports said.

The man identified as Karel Abelovsky, 51, was caught while trying to board a flight for Madrid when shocked baggage X-ray technicians and staff at the Iberia Airlines desk at Ezeiza Airport in greater Buenos Aires noticed “organic substances moving inside,” local media reported.

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