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Matrix-Style Instant Learning A Real Possibility

I’m all for wanting to believe in stuff like this but I seriously doubt we are going to see “Matrix-style instant learning” any time soon.

Dubbed “Decoded Neurofeedback,” the computer-assisted learning hasn’t taught anyone kung fu (yet), but it has resulted in long-lasting improvement in tasks that rely on visual performance — such as playing a musical instrument or catching/hitting a ball.

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MIT Says Algorithm Can Predict Red Light Runners

No disrespect to our big-brained friends at MIT but who needs an algorithm to predict this? We all know exactly when another car is going to run a red light a smack into you…exactly one day after your insurance lapses.

In a paper that will appear in the journal IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Jonathan How, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, and three of his colleagues say they have come up with an algorithm that can predict whether an oncoming car is about to run a red light one or two seconds before a possible collision.

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Crooks Steal 125 iPad 2s From Best Buy

If you are looking for a good deal on iPad 2s, you should probably check Craigslist in San Carlos, California. If you are the cops looking for the crooks behind this crime…check Craigslist in San Carlos.

The deputies determined that the suspects slid under the jacked-up security gate and dragged a large locked steel rack containing the 125 tablet computers through a fire exit door and onto a vehicle. Sheriff’s officials said the loss to the store is estimated to be more than $100,000.

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