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The Terrifying Ways Google Is Destroying Your Privacy

Unless you have the time or the technical know-how to encrypt your digital communications, none of what you transmit – however personal — through a digital wireline or wireless network is “private.” Rather, through the spectacle of post-modern capitalism, the private has become public, the property of the corporation that owns your keystrokes.

The digital revolution has morphed the personal into an electronic commodity; the electronic commodity is the exchange currency of an encroaching, 21st-century digital feudalism.

Microsoft Will Launch Office For iPad In November

Selling Office on the iPad might seem odd because it makes Apple’s Windows-killing tablet computer stronger. However, Microsoft will make a lot of money on Office for iPad. And it just can’t afford to miss this market.

Further, as Dan Frommer noted earlier this year, if the only thing that makes Windows, or Windows tablets special is the fact that it has Office, then Microsoft is going to be in trouble.

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