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What I learned from two months of living cashlessly.

It all ended a few days ago, when I withdrew $120 from an ATM in the bodega on my corner. Two months of living cashlessly came to a close with that simple act. I plunked a $20 on the counter, bought a $1.50 soda—take that, $5 credit card minimum—and walked away with a sheaf of bills and a couple of quarters jingling in my pocket.

Life has admittedly been easier since then. I ordered without fear at the cash-only German beer hall in my neighborhood. I split a bar tab with friends and, for the first time in a while, didn’t make myself a nuisance.

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Learning Best When You Rest: Sleeping After Processing New Info Most Effective

“Our study confirms that sleeping directly after learning something new is beneficial for memory. What’s novel about this study is that we tried to shine light on sleep’s influence on both types of declarative memory by studying semantically unrelated and related word pairs,” Payne says.

“Since we found that sleeping soon after learning benefited both types of memory, this means that it would be a good thing to rehearse any information you need to remember just prior to going to bed. In some sense, you may be ‘telling’ the sleeping brain what to consolidate.”

Paul Allen Invests In A Massive Project To Make Wikipedia Better

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is backing the Wikidata project, which is part of the German chapter of the Wikimedia movement.

Wikidata is a new project with a big goal. It wants to be a collaboratively edited database of all of the world’s knowledge. It will be used to make Wikipedia entries more accurate by sourcing better data. It will also make it easier to manage the 90,000 volunteers.

“Wikidata is ground-breaking. It is the largest technical project ever undertaken by one of the 40 international Wikimedia chapters,” Pavel Richter, CEO of Wikimedia Deutschland, said in a statement.

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