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The secret lives of house poor Canadians


Is Google planning to open a retail store in Ireland?

The application states that the store would sell “Google merchandise” to the public, and cover about 1,323 square feet of space in the Montevetro office block. While Google has an employee-only store in its California headquarters and a corner of Currys and PC World in London dedicated to selling laptops, this would be the first standalone Google retail location.

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Report: iPad 3 to be Announced in First Week of March

If the rumors are true, those of you waiting for the release of the iPad 3 are getting close to the magic moment. Word has it that Apple will make the release announcement in the first week of March with the actual product shipping a week later.

So while every rumor or report which is based on mysterious, unnamed sources should be taken with some salt, we have a hunch that the odds are good that this one will pan out.

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