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Love video games? It’s because you get a kick out of being SCARED

Video games are now so popular they outsell films and music in many regions. But while the psychological impact of movies has been widely studied, the effect scary games have on us is relatively unknown. By studying students in the US, researchers have now discovered that playing games scares us more than watching films – and we get a kick out of it.

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Always click the first Google result? You might want to stop doing that.

When you go to Google for anything, be it a weather report or a phone number or an explanation of string theory, you assume that the top results will always be the very best. Those are, at least, the only ones you click: Studies suggest it’s a rare, rare Googler who bothers scrolling past search result number five.

But according to a highly critical new paper out from legal scholar Tim Wu, Harvard Business School professor Michael Luca and data scientists at Yelp, many of us are totally missing out on the information that’s most relevant, and critical, to our lives.