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Vintage Classic 1930s Coca-Cola Refrigerated Chest

An authentically detailed replica of the Westinghouse Junior Coca-Cola cooler, this soda chest combines all the hallmarks of the original with modern refrigeration technology. The side-mounted bottle opener and cap catcher, swiveling wheels, and lid chain recall the ubiquitous self-serve refrigerated chests favored by mom-and-pop stores and barbershops in the 1930s.

The 18-gauge stainless-steel chest is finished with a high-gloss, chip- and rust-resistant powder coat in classic red and white with Coca-Cola embossed on all sides and under the lid. Rubber seals along the lid, 1 1/2″ of solid-foam insulation, and five temperature settings ensure optimal efficiency and cold beverages. The interior holds up to 80 12-oz. cans or 60 8-oz. bottles of your preferred beverage.

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Alberta Health President Stephen Duckett is Eating His Cookie

Alberta Health Services President and CEO Stephen Duckett avoids questions about his handling of excessive emergency room wait times by telling reporters he’s busy eating a cookie.

“I’m eating my cookie — can’t you see I’m eating my cookie!” CEO Stephen Duckett kept repeating to reporters Friday, in a bizarre media moment that deserves to go viral on YouTube.

Health Minister Gene Zwozdesky, when played the audio later by a reporter, said he thought the comment was inappropriate given the gravity of the health-care situation. That would be correct. “I’m eating my cookie” is appropriate only in limited situations — if your spouse wants you to put out the garbage, for instance, but you’re eating your cookie.

Gunnar Eyestrain Reducing Computer Glasses

These eyeglasses reduce eyestrain that results from viewing a computer screen for extended periods. The glasses combat the painful symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome–at least 90% of the U.S. computer-using public is affected by the syndrome according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

The yellow-tinted polycarbonate lenses’ proprietary tinting blocks out 65% of blue light, a wavelength that reduces the sharpness of objects, leading to eye fatigue, tired or sore eyes, and the chance of headaches. The lenses protect against UV radiation up to 400nm, protecting eyes from harmful neon and halogen light sources. An inner anti-reflective coating on both the inner and outer side of the lens decreases the glare from overhead fluorescent lighting.

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The Award Winning Skatecycle

This is the skatecycle–the next generation recreational vehicle that won an International Design Excellence Award and a permanent place in the Henry Ford Museum. Evoking the first-of-its-kind innovative spirit of the famous American industrialist, it combines the foot control of snowboarding, the balanced turning of skateboarding, and the nimble, undulating movements of casterboarding.

Providing an easy transition for those who already participate in any of the three sports, both feet are placed onto two slip-resistant footboards, and its double-jointed, twisting axle allows riders to move either of the 9″ polyurethane wheels individually by twisting the feet inwards and outwards.

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