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Winklevoss Vs. Zuckerberg, Round Two

If you saw “The Social Network” movie, you may recognize the name of Winklevoss. That is the name of the twins in the movie and real life who hired Mark Zuckerberg to code the “Harvard Connection” They then sued Zuckerberg over intellectual property disputes. The suit was settled, but recently uncovered documents may take all of this litigation back into the courtroom.

The documents, which apparently were leaked to the site, were filed by Facebook’s legal representatives in response to the former classmates’ attempts to overturn a settlement they made with Zuckerberg three years ago.


China buys up the world

IN THEORY, the ownership of a business in a capitalist economy is irrelevant. In practice, it is often controversial. From Japanese firms’ wave of purchases in America in the 1980s and Vodafone’s takeover of Germany’s Mannesmann in 2000 to the more recent antics of private-equity firms, acquisitions have often prompted bouts of national angst.

Such concerns are likely to intensify over the next few years, for China’s state-owned firms are on a shopping spree. Chinese buyers—mostly opaque, often run by the Communist Party and sometimes driven by politics as well as profit—have accounted for a tenth of cross-border deals by value this year, bidding for everything from American gas and Brazilian electricity grids to a Swedish car company, Volvo.