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The secret lives of house poor Canadians


Acorn Wooden Speaker with Radio

Squirrels. Is there anything they can’t do? First, they amaze us with their abilities to leap from tree to tree. Then, they get to our birdseed no matter what type of heavy artillery we have guarding it. Seriously, they do some crazy maneuvers that they had to have picked up from watching Cirque du Soleil. Maybe that’s the secret – they don’t hibernate in the winter. They all fly to Florida and spend their winter studying Cirque du Soleil performances at Disney World.

Anyway, we busted some squirrels and found out that they’ve been stealing more than just birdseed. They’ve figured out how to put speakers into realistic looking wooden acorns. Not only that, the acorns work as FM radios, giving the squirrels instant access to news, music, and most importantly, the weather forecast.

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Halo: Reach $200 Million First Day Global Sales

Sales of Halo:Reach hit $200 million worldwide the first day of sales. This is proof that the gamers are still out there, but aren’t buying just anything that happens to be on the shelf.

Phil Spencer, vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, said a lack of blockbuster games was to blame for the industry slowdown, and the success of “Halo: Reach” would support Xbox 360 console sales for the world’s biggest software maker.

World’s 10 Highest Paid Female Athletes

No. 10: Lorena Ochoa (Golf) – Income: $5 million
No. 9: Paula Creamer (Golf) – Income: $5.2 million
No. 8: Jelena Jankovic (Tennis) – Income: $5.3 million
No. 7: Ana Ivanovic (Tennis) – Income: $7.2 million
No. 6: Annika Sorenstam (Golf) – Income: $8 million
No. 5: Kim Yu-Na (Figure skating) – Income: $9.7 million
No. 4: Danica Patrick (Racing) – Income: $12 million
No. 3: Venus Williams (Tennis) – Income: $15.4 million
No. 2: Serena Williams (Tennis) – Income: $20.2 million
No. 1: Maria Sharapova (Tennis) – Income: $24.5 million