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The secret lives of house poor Canadians


4 Guys Go on Pub Crawl for 24 Years

Four men from West Bromwich, UK got bored with their local pub and decided to check out the competition. 24 years later, they’re still going:

The four men have just visited their 14,000th pub across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

They have spent 24 years travelling to every corner of the country and have downed and estimated 84,000 pints of real ale, working out at 21,000 pints each. They started out determined to conquer the 250 pubs in Worcestershire and Herefordshire, but quickly revised their plans to a grander scale.

This week they called in at the Stags Leap, Rugeley, Staffs, their 14,000th pub. It also means they have now drunk in every pub across 11 English counties. They entered the Guinness Book of Records for drinking in every English county, but remain determined to have a pint in every pub in every pub in the UK and Ireland.

Hacker Arrested for Octopus Virus

A Japanese man has been arrested on suspicion of writing a computer virus that destroys and replaces files on a victim PC with manga images of squid, octopuses and sea urchins. I love his reason for all of this:

Masato Nakatsuji, 27, of Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture, was quoted as telling police: “I wanted to see how much my computer programming skills had improved since the last time I was arrested.”

Eddie Van Halen’s Patented Guitar Support

Yes, this is an image from an actual patent filed by Edward L. Van Halen on 30 July, 1985. Here’s what it’s for:

A supporting device for stringed musical instruments, for example, guitars, banjos, mandolins and the like, is disclosed. The supporting device is constructed and arranged for supporting the musical instrument on the player to permit total freedom of the player’s hands to play the instrument in a completely new way, thus allowing the player to create new techniques and sounds previously unknown to any player. The device, when in its operational position, has a plate which rests upon the player’s leg leaving both hands free to explore the musical instrument as never before. Because the musical instrument is arranged perpendicular to the player’s body, the player has maximum visibility of the instrument’s entire playing surface.

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