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New Computer Help Forum Page What is a Proxy Server ? A Proxy List ?
Technical definition for "Proxy": The technique in which one host, usually a router, answers Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) requests intended for another machine. By "faking" its identity, the router accepts responsibility for routing packets to the "real" destination. Proxy ARP allows a site to use a single IP address with two physical networks.
(English): A proxy is a server that will act as the "middle-man" between you and whatever else you connect to. It is most commonly used as a "safety net" for your connection. Using a proxy usually hides the true identity of the person using it.

Why would you use a proxy server?

multi proxy keeps your private information privateAnonymity
use multi proxy to visit restricted websites in your areaAccessing websites that are restricted
want to play that all elusive game at work use a proxyCheating the corporate firewall
Some countrys are not allowed to view web pagesRestricted sites based on country
increase speed of downloadsIncrease speed of downloads
ultimate security and privacy with a proxyUltimate security

For what purpose are proxy server lists available? Tips form "Samair"

1. To help system administrators to find and close public access to proxy servers opened by mistake. There is a probability that some proxies in these listings were mistakenly left open by a system administrator or inexperienced home user. So system administrators can look through these listings to check if their internet server IPs are listed here or not.

2. To help people stay anonymous in the internet. However before using public opened server you must to be sure that it is legal. You must remember that if you are using mistakenly opened server its administrator will find his mistake, sooner or later. In this case server admin can pass your ISP all your IP inquiries if internet server traffic will be large. Do you like such "anonymity"? And of course
DO NOT use proxy servers for illegal or malicious deeds!

Where do I download proxy server software?

There are a few different "multi proxy" software packages available:

Ghost Surf standard, pro and platinum

Multi Proxy

How do I use a proxy server?

1) Download and Install Multi Proxy

2) Find a list of available proxy servers here Proxy List

3) Select Servers from the list

4) Copy and paste the server list into notepad

5)Save the notepad document as proxylist.txt


Import the list into multi proxy

Inserting proxy list  using multiproxy

1)In multi proxy click options

2)Go to Proxy Server List

3)Click menu

4)Go to Files

5)Click import proxy list

Multi proxy will automatically scan all servers on the proxy list for anonyminity as well as availability

7)Configure your internet browser to use a proxy server

How do I configure a proxy server in internet explorer (IE)

The following procedure will set up internet explorer to work with multi proxy.

Setting up internet explorer to use a proxy server Open internet explorer
Go to the "Tools Menu"
1) "Internet Options"

2) "Connections"

3) "Click the proxy server tab and fill in the corresponding information"

How to check if multi proxy is working?

You may check your proxy server at Free Proxy Checker

If you have further questions our require assistance setting up a proxy please visit our forum

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Have a problem or question that is not listed on our site let us know and we will add it--We enjoy to hear from our visitors!

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