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VPN ODM - Who Really made that Laptop?

Who Really Makes Laptops? - Notebook Manufacturers

Virtually none of the namebrands manufacture their own laptops. The few notable exceptions are IBM, Acer, Toshiba, Twinhead and Apple. Yet, even Toshiba and Apple do not make all of their own.

All of the rest buy their laptops from what is called an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). Then, they install the hard drive (usually an IBM, Hitachi, or Toshiba), processor (Pentium x, Celeron, or AMD) and system memory (SDRAM). Installing these last three components is very easy to do, and leaving these for "the last minute" allows for a wide range of custom configurations.

Once these companies add in these three components, they have a complete notebook. They then put their label on it and market it.

Each ODM sells its computers to several different OEMs.

For example:

Find the Perfect Gift for Him or HerAn ODM named Compal (not to be confused with Compaq) makes some of the the DELL, Hewlett Packard and Compaq line of laptops--plus some others.

Find the Perfect Gift for Him or HerQuanta makes many of the Dell Latitude, IBM, and Sony Vaio laptops.

Find the Perfect Gift for Him or HerGVC makes the Micron Transport Treck and Treck 2.

Find the Perfect Gift for Him or HerInventec makes many of the Compaq brands.

Find the Perfect Gift for Him or HerClevo and Kapok make certain models of the Sager Computer. Clevo and Kapok are different divisions of the same company and are among the largest and best in the world.

Other ODM names are Mitech, Kapok, Clevo, ECS, FIC, Twinhead, and Uniwill--just to name a few.

Some call this the "Dirty little secret of the Laptop Industry."

So, what does this mean to you? It means don't get hung up on the brand name when looking to buy, because the company who owns that name probably didn't build your dream-machine laptop. Instead, focus on the things that matter:

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