Top selling Smart Shoe on e-Bay --2005

Raving reviews from the technical community! --2005

Worn by the most famous celebrities! --2005

10/10 Smart Shoe ! given by sisper and bebert --2005

Two thumbs up for the smart shoe from Mr. Poutine!

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Revouloutionary Smart Shoe - What is Thermo Intela?

Revolutionary Smart Shoe

Thermo Intela is state of the art shoe that does it all. It is a shoe that cures foot pain, makes you run faster, and plays music through your whole body.

You thought Ipod was cool?

Wait until you put a pair of Thermo Intela Smart Shoes on!


Tri dually intela processors at 17 GHZ....Thats 17GHZ each!!!

12.5 GB Intela Thermo Ram

700 Terathermo HD for all the music in the world.

**Limited time offer all the music in the world included**

Laser pointer included in left shoe.

Can't believe this amazing smart shoe could possibly exist - read our customer testimonies:

" I was the last one picked in all the school teams but not anymore, Now with my new thermos I kick but in races and I am in charge of the pump up music at the start of every game, thank you Thermo"

Little Timmy, age 12, Long Island

" Thank you Thermo, these amazing shoes are not only stylish but totally saved my life. I was waking down a dark alley for no good reason and a very inappropriate time the strangest thing happened as I was counting all the money that I got out of the ATM. These guys tried to jump me, but they were no match for me and my thermos. I took them out with my pre-programmed ninja kicks and ran. I don't know what I would have done with out them!"

Paris Sheraton, Age 21, California

"My wife was going to leave me, I was devastated, I had no where to turn for my little problem. She said I wasn't the same guy I was when she married me. The smelly feet were about to ruin my life. But then I got Thermos and the smelly sweet was gone I love them. I loved them so much I got my loving wife a pair and with her foot pain gone she wasn't nearly as b#t#hy as she used to be, Thank you Thermo"

Paul Martin, Age 50, Ottawa

And these are only some of the success stories around try your own pair of thermo shoes with Intela Inside

What will this magic smart shoe cost ?

Only £59.99

Wait if you order now we will through in a used steak knife that is a 99¢ value for you, absolutely free!

It doesn't stop there folks
if you use a major credit card for your purchase we will through in this freakin huge floppy!!

Order Now

Celebrities everywhere are raving

"Paris thinks thermo is better than her tape"

"Paul Martin Says "I loved the free steak knife". I think Mr. Poutine will be Jealous.

Oprah has put thermo in "O" magazine and O she loves them.

This page (thermo intela) and the Smart Shoe is completely Satire. If you clicked order now and really just want to give us some money
....oh and we wont send you anything.
I repeat this particular page on thermo intela " Smart Shoe " - has no accurate information and the pictures and testimonies are
fiction (made-up, make believe, pretend, not real)
Thank you
However if you think it was funny post your comments in the Forum

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