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Interview with a Virus The Visual Difference USB VS IEEE1394

The Visual Difference between USB and Firewire

The visual difference between firewire and USB. What do the different cables look like. How do I tell them apart?

USB Cable A-B USB - (Universal Serial Bus)The white cable pictured to the right is a standard USB A-B Cable. The larger square end is usually used to plug into the device. Where as the narrow straight end is used to plug into a USB port located on a computer.

USB Cables also come in other configurations such as mini and extensions. Some digital cameras require a mini USB cable.

4 Pin 6 Pin Fire Wire A Fire Wire (ilink,i1394) cable can either come in a 4 pin - 4 pin, 4 pin - 6 pin, 6 pin - 6 pin, configurations. The black cable pictured to the right shows both available fire wire ends.

The small end being 4 pin and the larger end being 6pin. Firewire is also known as IEEE1394 - I triple E 1394 - Ilink - I1394. All the different names refer to the same cable.

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