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VPN VPN - What is a Virtual Private Network?

VPN - Virtual Private Network - What does it mean?

Virtual Private Network (VPN)::

A VPN, protects the connection itself between your computer and that of the corporation.

It is essentially a "tunnel" or private path through the Internet that connects your computer to your corporate network. This connection is encrypted so nobody except the two ends of the connection can view the data going back and forth.

If you are using a VPN connection, you need to make sure the firewall you choose is going to be compatible.

If you are looking at a software firewall, you need to ensure that it will support an encrypted VPN connection.

If you are looking at a hardware firewall, look for one that specifically supports a VPN connection.

If you are planning to use a router as your firewall, you will most likely encounter two versions of a given model - one of which will specifically be called a "firewall" or "VPN" router. This is the version that supports a VPN connection.

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