How to Defrag your seagate maxtor or western digiatl hard drive  
Computer help on defragment your computer hard drive
Learn how to defragment your maxtor seagate hardrive
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How to defrag your maxtor or seagte harddrive

20+ Hard Drive Tips

Maxtor Hard DriveDefragment Your Hard Drive
Defragmenting your disk will keep your file structure tuned and helps keep your windows computer running smoothly. We recommend running Disk defragmenter every week.

To Run disk defragmenter follow these easy steps click on the step to view a image tutorial of the process.

1)Click on the my computer ICON

2)Right click on the drive you want to defragment and left click on properties

3)Click on the "tool" tab on the resulting dialogue box

4)Click on the "defragment now button"

Windows XP Disk Defragmenter

5) When the defrag dialogue box is displayed click on "Defragment" . The process may take awhile up to 1hour you may pause the process or cancel at anytime but it is very worthwhile to complete the defrag.

Windows Defrag Tool Screen

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