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Carving out the buried secrets of the lost city of Atlantis

The island had not much fertile land, not much water – but it was strategically situated between Asia, Africa and Europe, and the Therans made ”beyond the horizon’’ their business. One wall painting, the Marine Frieze, shows a newly invented kind of sailing ship breaking into uncharted waters. Around the edge are lions, date palms, and African antelope. This was a culture that interacted with the outside world. Thera would have been a legend in its own lifetime.

The apocalypse that destroyed it could not possibly have escaped the human radar. It would have become a story passed down the generations. I believe we find ghostly memories of it in one of the most famous myths of all, Plato’s account of the lost city of Atlantis; ”Listen to a tale which, though strange, is wholly true… these histories tell of a mighty power… that was swallowed up… in the span of one day and night… by the sea… and vanished.’’

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