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Sennheiser Adidas – Washable Sports Earbuds

These earbuds can be rinsed under water to clean for your next use. Ideal for strenuous workouts, their silicone diaphragm guards resist sweat and water-a simple rinse cleanses them for continued wear. Made by a company that specializes in music recording equipment, earbuds’ in-ear design blocks out up to 20 dB of noise while delivering a wide frequency range (18 Hz -20,000 Hz) with minimal harmonic distortion (less than 1/2%), providing clear, crisp sound.

They provide a comfortable, secure fit and will not fall out while working out, conforming to any ear size or shape with the included fit kit. The Kevlar-reinforced 2′ cord, volume adjuster, and 2′ extension cable provides superior strength and convenience, resists extreme hot or cold weather, and terminates in a standard 3.5 mm stereo input jack.

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