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Ten Things to Do Today for a Greener Tomorrow

It’s easy to take steps that help reduce energy consumption. And the benefits include saving money – something anyone can appreciate. Here are 10 tips on ways to cut energy use.

7.) Purchase a smart power strip. In the average home, as much as 75 percent of electricity consumption goes to devices the user thinks is “off.” To reduce these “phantom loads,” a smart power strip can detect when PCs, televisions and other electronics are not in use, and automatically power down those devices. The power strips even know to turn off printers or other peripherals if a PC is off. Around $30.


‘Harry Potter’ Books ‘Maybe 10 Years From Now’

J.K. Rowling, the creator of the “Harry Potter” series capped off her tales of the Boy Who Lived and his dark wizard arch-nemesis, Lord Voldemort, in 2007 with book seven, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” And with the two-part adaptation due to hit theaters in November ’10 and July ’11, fans have been coming to terms with the fact that their time with the bespectacled boy wizard is almost done.

Or is it? Rowling admitted yesterday during the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House that she’s game for more “Potter.” Not yet, but “maybe 10 years from now,” she said.

Sleep Schedule

According to WebMD, for 1- to 4-week-olds: “Since newborns do not yet have an internal biological clock, or circadian rhythm, their sleep patterns are not related to the daylight and nighttime cycles. In fact, they tend not to have much of a pattern at all.” I think somebody forgot to tell my internal clock to grow up.

Asteroids Player Smashes 27-Year-Old High Score

On Saturday, John McAllister sat down at a friend’s house near Portland, Oregon to play a game of Asteroids. By Monday, he was still playing. At 10:18 p.m. Pacific, he scored 41,338,740 points, a new all-time high score. In doing so, he beat a record that has stood for over 27 years.

The official Asteroids high score of 41,336,440 is the longest-standing record in gaming history, having been set on November 14, 1982 by 15-year-old Scott Safran. He stayed awake for three days to accomplish this feat. Once you master the basics, Asteroids is simply a game of endurance: Can you keep from falling asleep? And if you can, will the arcade cabinet you’re playing on stay glitch-free and powered up for three days straight?