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Kick-Ass Movie “Morally Reprehensible”

Based on the Marvel comic book characters, the movie has drawn criticism for it’s overindulgence of violence and the use of children to delived that violence. Ebert says: “I know, I know. This is a satire. But a satire of what?”

I’m wondering the same thing, even though I loved the Kick-Ass comic and assume I would love the movie as well. Should we be enjoying the violence dished out by Hit Girl? What is it about this violence that has an appeal? The Escapist’s Movie Bob calls Kick-Ass fun despite its juvenile intentions, so Ebert might not be in the movie’s target audience as he says, but a little piece of me still wonders why extreme violence perpetrated by pre-teens is entertaining to us.

All I can say is Ebert hated it, I will probably like it, ’nuff said.


When Bad Things Happen to Good Laptops

A pretty pitiful sight…. what can bring such destruction to an innocent laptop. There are forces loose in this world that are beyond description in their evilness. Enjoy the carnage.

Portable by design, a laptop computer is a delicate, intricate machine that respond poorly to flames, freefalls, and blunt-force trauma (accidental or otherwise). And unlike a smartphone, which fits snugly in a pocket or pouch, a laptop is bulky and relatively awkward to carry. In short, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Warning: If you’re offended by graphic images of singed silicon and eviscerated electronics, click away now! Brave souls, continue.