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Top 20 Google Trends Today

1. hampton university
2. space shuttle landing
3. boston marathon
4. oklahoma city bombing
5. cma awards 2010 winners
6. patriots day
7. tcs q4 results 2010
9. boston marathon course map
10. april 19
11. boston marathon qualifying times
12. administrative professionals day 2010
13. citigroup
14. country music awards 2010
15. kyser miree
16. earth day worksheets
17. brad paisley s wife
18. dan boyle
19. big love
20. big ten expansion

Review of the KFC Double Down

The restaurant wasn’t very crowded, maybe four tables occupied in total. Most of the patrons were eating standard KFC fare — corn, biscuits, chicken limbs from a bucket, and so on. Nobody had a Double Down, though. A brief burst of panic raced through my mind… Were people against the meatheap? Was I going to stick out like some kind of traitor in the midst of all these low-carb calorie-counting Manhattanites? Or worse, was the restaurant out of one of the critical ingredients? I had waited too long and traveled too far to be defeated now.

How Private are You?

A study was just released confronting the issue of personal privacy. With all of the social sites available, the amount of traffic through each one, and the seemingless un-ending status updates, one would think that there is no “safe place” for a person these days.

It is going to counter a lot of assumptions that have been made about young adults and their attitudes toward privacy,” said Mary Madden, senior researcher at the Pew Internet and American Life Project. She was not part of the study but reviewed the report for The Associated Press ahead of Thursday’s release.