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Need A Girlfriend? There’s an App for That!

Psst! Need a girlfriend? There’s an app for that! Well, a virtual girlfriend anyhow. Nelson Abalos of Pixelated Geek blog interviews the Angelina Amerson, the producer of MyVirtualGirlfriend:

In the app, you have up to 20 levels of relationship to complete. To complete a level, you must make your virtual girlfriend happy and fill your heart meter up by completing an action with her (like buying her roses, holding her hands, giving her a kiss, etc.), speaking to her, touching her (I’m not joking.), doing an activity with her (like going out to the movies or a picnic), and by just responding to her questions (Note: which are usually about herself. Go figure.) Each time you make her happy, your heart meter goes up.

Each level brings new things you could do with her. Example, instead of a simple kiss, you can make out. Instead of buying her shoes, you can buy her lingerie.


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